8 11, 2013

Southern Staircase delivers excellence to HGTV celebrity

The staircase has evolved into more than just a means from passing between floors.
18 09, 2013

Modern Staircase Design

Today, modern staircase design has become a popular trend in homes! Various elements of a modern staircase make each one custom and unique.
12 09, 2013

Staircase Architecture

The architecture of a staircase can vary entirely from simple to complex.
26 08, 2013

Prefabricated Stairs Benefits

Southern Staircase offers prefabricated stairs to home and commercial projects nationwide!
23 08, 2013

A Guide to Spiral Staircase Design

Spiral staircase design can be challenging with some stair companies.
25 07, 2013

Spiral Staircase Kits

Spiral staircase kits are very popular for many reasons, but mostly for their functionality and cost effectiveness.
16 07, 2013

The Benefits of a Metal Staircase

A metal staircase is a favorite to many homeowners and businesses. A staircase can have metal elements such as metal railings, or the entire staircase can be made of metal.
20 06, 2013

Home Stair Makeovers

Looking to revamp your interior design? A home stair makeover is one of the fastest ways to dramatically change the look and feel of a room. A home stair makeover sets your home apart from the rest, increasing the value, aesthetics and appeal of the space.
11 06, 2013

The Most Beautiful Spiral Stairs

Some of the most beautiful staircases are known as “spiral stairs.” With their unique curvature and decadent designs, spiral stairs attract attention and appeal to everyone! Spiral stairs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the curve of the spiral stair can be designed to fit your space perfectly.
12 05, 2013

The Right Step: A Custom Staircase Alone Can Makeover Your Home

There are many ways you can change up the architecture in a space. One way to implement a change to your interior design is by building a custom staircase.