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Wrought Iron Railings and Wooden Baluster Staircases Alpharetta, GA

Wrought Iron Railings and Wooden Baluster Staircases

wrought iron railing and wooden baluster

Wrought iron railings are one of our most popular product offerings here at Southern Staircase. Sophisticated and refined, wrought iron railings can be beautifully paired with wooden staircases for a unique look. If you’re looking for something a little more classic or rustic, wooden baluster staircases are another option to give your wood and iron staircase a unique custom feel for your specific space.

Here, we share several of our wooden staircases with wrought iron railings and wooden baluster options.

A Closer Look at Wooden Baluster Staircases and Wrought Iron Railings

Our first featured project is a beautiful blend of a modern staircase and rustic staircase. The simple, sleek wrought iron railing creates the perfect fit for the wooden treads. The open custom stairs structure lends a modern air, while the materials and residence’s trim and décor bring in a natural charm.

wrought iron railing and wooden baluster remodel

Next, we move from the rustic staircase home to a more formal residence. This home’s entry is stunning, featuring a curved wooden stair with wrought iron railing. The custom stairs balustrade system was designed to reflect the home’s gorgeous style. The system creates a beautiful backdrop for the exquisite chandelier.

wrought iron railing and wooden baluster custom stairs

Our third featured project is another unique wooden stair and wrought iron railing combination. With oval and circular elements, the custom stairs balustrade system reflects the home’s ceiling trim work.

wrought iron railing and wooden baluster stairs

If wrought iron railings are not what you’re looking for, the classic elegance of a wooden baluster custom staircase might be more your style. Wooden baluster staircases can provide a sweeping classical look to a space or an intricately crafted custom stairs design that adds character and style to any area.

wrought iron railing and wooden baluster design

Seeking Wrought Iron Railings or Wooden Baluster Custom Stairs for Your Space?

With strength, durability, and versatility, wrought iron railings are an excellent choice for custom stairs ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. Wooden baluster custom stairs are a beautiful choice if you’re looking for a classic style with a stunning elegance.

Considering incorporating ornamental metal into an upcoming project?

Our team possesses the skill and capabilities to design and build outstanding custom staircase and handrail systems. Serving as the single point of contact, we ensure a seamless, cohesive design with flawless fit and finish. Our industry-leading approach includes:

  • Creative, comprehensive design services
  • Hand forged handrail systems created by skilled artisan welders
  • Limitless handrail design options
  • Hammered and smooth textures
  • Powder coated finishes for lasting durability
  • Turn-key processes from inspiration to installation
  • Expertise in building codes and regulations

Once the design phase is complete and all renderings have been approved, our talented welders will hand forge the handrail in our metal fabrication facility. To prevent messy welding and grinding at the jobsite, our team will pre-fit each handrail system to its staircase before delivery and installation. This approach benefits our clients by ensuring preventing unnecessary project delays and securing a perfect fit.

Feeling inspired?

Visit our wrought iron handrail project gallery for additional details and pictures on our exquisite projects. From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom stairs. Our reputation speaks for itself and client satisfaction is our highest priority.

Contact us today to discuss your next wrought iron handrail project.

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