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Staircase Designs And Inspirations For Your Remodeling Project Alpharetta, GA


Staircase Designs And Inspirations For Your Remodeling Project

Curved Staircase Atlanta GA

For many homeowners, a new year is the perfect time to wrap up a honey-do list and reorganize sections of their home. In doing so, some find that it’s time to add on to their living space or update an existing indoor or outdoor area. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of staircase designs and inspirations when…

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Artful Staircases: Adding Appeal To Your Space

Designer Wrought Iron Balusters

No matter where a staircase is located, it becomes an important architectural component that translates style and personality. In today’s industry, there are limitless options when it comes to constructing staircases, and Better Homes & Gardens discusses some of the ideas that distinguish one staircase from the next. Akin to those seen in the 1920’s,…

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Flared Staircases: A Versatile Design Just For You

Flared Staircase in Home Atlanta GA

Whether a foyer is too small for a traditional or grand curved staircase, or if homeowners, builders or architects are seeking a unique visual design, a flared staircase is an excellent choice. What’s more, adding a slight curve to bottom stair(s) satisfies both conventional and contemporary styles, making it a versatile option that is safe…

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Stainless Steel Handrails: Strength And Sophistication

Stainless Steel Staircase

Providing benefits to many different industries, stainless steel is a tried and true material used in bicycle production, car manufacturing and even shipbuilding. As such, it has become a preferred choice for residential and commercial properties, as well as home improvement projects. Stainless steel handrails and railing is not only easy to install, they are…

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Staircases For Small Spaces

Small Spaces Sprial Staircase Alpharetta GA

For many, a staircase is more than a means of getting from one floor to the next—it’s an integral decorative component and a reflection of one’s style. Yet, for those with small, compact spaces and homes, staircases are not always easy to design. Thus, Homify International offers a little inspiration with spectacular staircase design options…

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Wrought Iron Stair Railings: Always On Trend

Wrought Iron Balusters Alpharetta GA

Wrought iron stair railings are among the most popular types of stair rails used across the country. As such, they remain a versatile, dependable option for residential and commercial properties of any style and décor, not to mention their elegant, graceful appearance becomes more attractive with time. Given their resistance to weather, wrought iron stair…

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Production Stairs

Production Stairs with Wrought Iron Balusters Atlanta GA

For new homes and planned communities across the United States, builders often seek pre-fabricated stairs to compliment specific styles, while bringing practicality, efficiency and comfort to a space. Though some assume these staircases to be overly simplistic, production stairs can feature special designs and elements that translate personal style and flair. Thus, while stairs are…

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Commercial Staircases: Purpose And Prestige

Stairs with Glass Rail System Atlanta GA

In the business sector, commercial staircases reflect the character and influence of an organization. Thus, designers must be connected to the culture of a business in such a way as to determine the effect that a staircase should have. For instance, should it be futuristic and modern? Perhaps it should be light and elegant, with…

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The Glass Staircase: Innovative and Fresh

Stainless Steel Staircase

With both newer and better composition, glass is being used in more interior design projects, staircases included. Providing an innovative, fresh sophistication to homes and commercial buildings, glass is comprised of varying colors and textures such as transparent and opaque varieties, along with frosted, textured and smooth. Whether paired with wood or metal components, or…

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Cable Railing Systems: A Sleek Trend In Staircase Design

Cable Railing for Staircases

Though they’ve been used in commercial spaces for some time, cable railing systems are quickly becoming one of the latest trends in staircase design for residential applications. Perhaps this is due to the growing emphasis on modern, industrial décor, or the minimalistic vibes associated with today’s generation. Whatever the case, cable railing represents a sleek…

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