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Stair Design Photo of the Month- Interior and Exterior Wrought Iron Railings Alpharetta, GA


Stair Design Photo of the Month- Interior and Exterior Wrought Iron Railings

wrought iron railings

We are excited to announce the winner of our stair design photo of the month! Augusts’ winner is a curved  staircase with wrought iron railings that was installed for a residence in Tucscon, Arizona. Our Arizona team worked closely with the homeowner to create a fusion of modern and rustic styles for this curved staircase.…

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Current Trends – Modern Staircase Systems Using Glass and Stainless Steel

modern staircase

A grand staircase will bring a sense of elegance to your home or office.  Current trends for custom stair systems encompass various elements of modern style, with stainless steel and glass as a clean and sleek option. If you are planning to incorporate a staircase into your home or business, curved or straight, glass and…

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Why Open Riser Stairs Are Gaining Popularity

open riser stairs

What are open riser stairs, and why are they so popular? An open riser staircase is one in which the “rise” –the vertical space between adjacent treads – is open, rather than enclosed.  This construction offers unobstructed views between treads and the unique staircase design option is quickly growing in popularity, both in residential and…

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Is it Balusters or Banisters?


Customers are often confused when it comes to staircase terminology. One of the most common confusions is the use of “balusters” or “banisters”. So, which one is it? While the team at Southern Staircase is more accustomed to using “baluster”, both can be used to describe the support systems of a staircase.   So what…

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3.4 Million Stair Railings Built and Counting

stair railing

Since our company’s creation in 1983, we have built over 3.4 million staircases, which means we have built and installed over 3.4 million stair railings. Stair railings can be the defining component of a staircase, and there is a plethora of options for homeowners, builders, and architects. This week, we share three examples of stair…

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Stair Design Photo of the Month- Grand Flared Staircase

flared staircase

Thank you to all who voted in last month’s photo of the month competition! This month’s winner is a beautiful grand staircase that was designed and installed for the Sigma Kappa sorority at the University of Florida. This staircase was sold by Don Wagner on our national team and was constructed and installed in partnership…

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Beachfront Spiral Staircases

spiral staircases

When designing a beachfront home, you must consider how you want to compliment the beauty of the beach and the house, while also considering what kind of staircase to add on the exterior of your home. Because of this, many people over the years have turned to a spiral staircase as an exterior addition to…

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How Cable Railings are Transforming the Staircase Market

cable railings

Cable railings have been used for years because of their strong and durable nature, but in recent years, they have been heavily adopted into the staircase and exterior railing market. This is due to their ability to blend in with their surroundings and offer and unobstructed views of your surroundings. They are transforming the staircase…

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Blending Stainless Steel with a Glass Staircase

glass staircase

During recent years, the staircase market has experienced a surge of growth for modern staircases. Modern style staircases bring many different options for railings, risers, and even the kind of balusters that are used. Stainless steel and glass staircases have become one of the most popular options for those seeking a modern staircase, and it…

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The World’s Most Famous Staircases


Since staircases were first created thousands of years ago, they have evolved from massive structures of stone to the diverse, versatile, and unique creations we see today. While staircase design has changed, history does repeat itself. Many current staircase trends take elements from famous ancient stairs to create the intended design. This week, we travel…

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