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Stainless Steel Handrails: Sophistication and Strength Alpharetta, GA


Stainless Steel Handrails: Sophistication and Strength

hand rail

Stainless steel provides benefits to many different industries. Overall, it is a tried-and-true heavy-duty material for hand rails. It is also used in bicycle production, car manufacturing, shipbuilding, and more. As such, it has become a preferred choice for residential and commercial stair railings, from home improvement projects to community building upgrades. It is great…

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Custom Stairs: We Take Commercial Stairs to the Next Level

commercial stairs designs

If you’re looking to enhance your office space, sometimes all you need are some new stairs to instantly upgrade the look of your space. Commercial stairs are a great choice for work or community buildings for a professional and elegant touch.

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Why are Wrought Iron Railings So Popular?

wrought iron railings

Wrought iron railings can be an exciting addition to any home or investment property. Specifically, wrought iron railings are one of our favorite handrail design options to highlight. Simply put, they are true works of art. Today, let’s explore the reasons behind the growing popularity of wrought iron stair railings and how they have grown to…

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Why Curved Stairs and Wrought Iron Railings are the Perfect Pairing


When it comes to custom stairs, there is an endless array of design elements that can come together to create beautiful staircases. However, when it comes to refinement and appeal, there is no greater pairing than curved stairs with wrought iron railings. From inspiration to installation, Southern Staircase builds custom staircases guaranteed to exceed your…

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How Holiday Custom Stairs Décor Can Be the Focal Point in Your Home

custom stair

When it comes to the holidays, there is no better way to feel that seasonal spirit than to spruce up your home with fabulous, festive décor. And while there are many different ways to deck the halls with your designs, statement items like ribbons, wreaths, mistletoe, lights, garland and more will enhance your custom stairs decor…

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The Ideal Design of Flared Stairs

Flared Staircase

A distinct staircase is an essential design element to any home or business because it is the main focal point that pulls a room together. Whether you are remodeling an existing staircase or constructing a new custom staircase for your space, the experts at Southern Staircase highly recommend flared stairs because they are a grand…

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How an Exterior Custom Staircase Can Elevate Your Home

exterior custom staircase

Exterior stairs are not just functional. They are the key aesthetic element that sets the artistic tone of a property’s design. When inviting your guests over, your exterior stairs make the first impression of the home and determine its curb appeal. And nothing can enhance curb appeal like a beautiful custom staircase. Whether you are…

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Why You Should Consider Tuscan Custom Stairs and Wrought Iron Railings Design

wrought iron railings design

Tuscany, located in central Italy, is a gorgeous region known for its numerous contributions to Renaissance art and architecture. Considering the region’s beauty and flair for design, it is no surprise that many of our customers looking for unique custom stairs seek to enhance their luxury homes with Tuscan staircases crafted with intricate wrought iron…

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Wooden Baluster and Wrought Iron Railing Staircases

wrought iron railing and wooden baluster

Wooden balusters and wrought iron railings are the most popular product offerings here at Southern Staircase. Sophisticated and refined, wrought iron railings can be beautifully paired with wooden staircases for a unique look. If you’re looking for something a little more classic or rustic, wooden spindles (balusters) are another option to give your wood and iron…

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Custom Rustic Staircase: When Old Styles Turn New

custom rustic staircase

Most people expect to see a rustic staircase in a log home, farmhouse, mountain retreat center, or perfectly matched with a cabin. However, these rustic custom staircase designs have evolved, making them a natural fit for many buildings. As more people find the simple beauty of a rustic staircase to add a unique and elegant twist to…

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