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Cable Railing Systems: A Sleek Trend In Staircase Design Alpharetta, GA

Cable Railing Systems: A Sleek Trend In Staircase Design

Cable Railing for Staircases

Though they’ve been used in commercial spaces for some time, cable railing systems are quickly becoming one of the latest trends in staircase design for residential applications. Perhaps this is due to the growing emphasis on modern, industrial décor, or the minimalistic vibes associated with today’s generation. Whatever the case, cable railing systems represent a sleek trend in staircase design that, when paired with other materials, creates a customized hybrid design that suits many tastes.

Using Cable Railing Systems Indoors

As an alternative to wood or traditional metal stairways, cable railing provides maximum durability against weathering and stability, which explains why it has been used heavily in indoor and outdoor commercial projects. Yet, with its luxurious appeal and reasonable cost, homeowners are now incorporating the unique design into their homes. For instance, for those living in urban areas, the slim contour of cable railing means that a space can feel open, light, and airy, even if the staircase is positioned in the middle of the room. As so, cable railing offers unobstructed views of one’s living space from multiple angles. For some, combining wood components with cable railing adds a sense of flair, while maintaining a touch of warmth.

Cable Railing Hardware

Another key feature of cable railing systems is that hardware fittings can be easily concealed within posts, which adds to the sharp, clean feel of the staircase. As versatile elements, cable railing posts and handrails can be presented in a variety of ways. Surface mount designs, side mounts, and even concrete mounts add to the customization of posts, while handrails are sized and shaped according to their usage and the type of space occupied.

The Cable Railing Professionals

From coast to coast, the industry leading team of experts at Southern Staircase continues to deliver the highest quality of cable railing systems. Because we understand the impact of a staircase in a home, we are committed to guiding our customers through the process and educating them on a variety of options. It’s our goal to help our clients achieve a cohesive design and flawless finish for their staircase.

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