With over 30 years of experience as a trusted custom stairs provider for contractors, architects, and designers, our team understands that timeliness, quality, and fit are critical to project success. To best meet our customers’ unique needs, we offer several staircase installation options, including our premium turnkey installation solution.

Which approach is the best fit for your upcoming custom stairs needs? This week, we take a look at the top benefits of turnkey installation.

What does turnkey installation include?

Our team takes pride in providing highly creative and innovative custom stairs. We ensure the success of each project by employing a systemized management process, proven to result in quality and consistency, no matter how unique a project may be.

Custom stair drawing

We support our customers throughout the design and planning phase by providing the following:

  • Design assistance and inspiration
  • Turnkey bid proposals
  • Expertise in building codes and regulations
  • Value engineering services
  • Job site surveying and measuring services
  • 3-D renderings and mockups
  • Engineering services with ability to provide signed, stamped drawings in all fifty states

Custom Stairs

Once the custom stair design is finalized and all drawings and renderings are approved, our craftsmen construct the staircase and handrail system in our advanced facility. The complete system is then delivered to the jobsite to be installed by our expert team.

custom stairs

Why choose turnkey installation for your custom stairs?

With the turnkey installation option, our customers can rest assured that all phases of the custom stair process will be executed flawlessly. This allows our partner builders, architects, and designers to focus on their top priorities.

Our customers enjoy the following top benefits of turnkey installation:

  • On-time delivery and installation. We understand that staircase delays can derail an entire project, negatively impacting our customers and their reputations. Our approach emphasizes organization, skilled communication, and high levels of responsiveness, and our team maintains a commitment to overcoming any challenges that arise to deliver every custom staircase on time.
  • Flawless fit and finish. A successful custom stair is not only delivered and installed on schedule, but with the highest quality as well. Through our turnkey installation approach, the entire stair carriage and handrail system are constructed within our facility. With the handrail system pre-fit to the stair and delivered whole for installation on-site, we are able to avoid messy work and last minute adjustments at the jobsite.
  • Single point of contact. Managing multiple subcontractors can become a headache. As a turnkey custom stair provider, we serve as the streamlined single point of contact for the entire staircase project, handling all aspects of the build. Our team is proud of our high level of responsiveness, and we are committed to customer satisfaction.

Are you inspired?

Learn more about our approach to partnering with homebuilders, general contractors, and architects.  From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom staircases.  Contact us today to discuss your next custom staircase project.