Circular staircases are highly popular in both interior and exterior settings. Featuring beautiful arcs and small footprints, spiral stairs can enhance both aesthetics and access to an outdoor living space. Many builders, architects, and designers are aware of our turnkey services for interior staircases, but our team also possesses vast experience and expertise in the design and construction of exterior stairs as well. This week, we explore the reasons to consider incorporating circular stairs into your outdoor living space designs.

Unique Aesthetics

Spiral stairs feature beautiful curves, making them a striking choice for outdoor spaces. In fact, spiral stairs are extremely popular among our coastal clients. The wood and metal circular project below is a perfect fit for its coastal home. A blend of beauty and function, the stair offers easy access from the upper level to the outdoor space while enhancing the gorgeous ocean view.

Coastal Spiral Staircase

Spiral stairs’ tight configuration creates a small footprint, another benefit for exterior staircase customers. The vertical layout and small landing require much less space than a straight staircase, allowing customers to maximize their outdoor areas for relaxing and entertaining.

Exterior Circular Stairs

While interior stairs are built to endure decades of foot traffic and wear, exterior staircases must also be designed to withstand harsh environmental elements. Our industry-leading team works closely with each client to design and construct a circular staircase and handrail system that best fits his/her needs. First, we consider materials. Traditional wood, sleek metal, or dramatic wood and metal combinations are all highly popular, and – when expertly constructed – offer ultimate safety and quality.

Exterior Spiral Stair

Our goal is not only to deliver an aesthetically pleasing stair design; we are dedicated to high quality, durability, and safety in each project. Experts in building code, our team will ensure that each stair is code compliant and meets all regulations.

What is the circular stair design process?

Our spiral stairs are custom-designed and made-to-measure to ensure a perfect fit. Our team of experts works collaboratively with homeowners, builders, designers, and architects to construct spiral staircases, and the process includes:

  • Providing guidance and inspiration in the style selection process
  • Measuring the space to build the optimal spiral staircase
  • Educating customers on the various material options (including wood, metal, and combinations)
  • Helping to select a handrail system that will best complement the spiral staircase
  • Discussing installation options and determining which option best fits project needs
  • Ensuring that each staircase is code compliant

With extensive experience and capabilities, our company is proud to offer quality stairs and beautiful handrail systems – both interior and exterior. Our clients enjoy streamlined communication, cohesive design, and flawless fit and finish in their staircase system projects.

Are you inspired?

Learn more about our approach to partnering with homebuildersgeneral contractors, and architects.  From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom staircases.  Contact us today to discuss your next custom staircase project.

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