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Install a Striking Metal Stair Railing for an Easy Home Décor Restoration Alpharetta, GA

Install a Striking Metal Stair Railing for an Easy Home Décor Restoration

metal stair railing

Metal has been around for millennia as one of the most durable materials. A metal stair railing offers robustness and a range of looks from traditional to ultra-modern. Are you looking to restore parts of your home, but don’t want to do a complete interior makeover? Do you love your beautiful staircase, but your handrail and balusters are old or outdated? Then, a pre-designed or custom-made metal handrail system from Southern Staircase is a great start.

Let’s outline some unique designs for installing a metal stair railing with metal balusters for a modern rustic look.


Metal Stair Railing Designs (Handrails)

Wrought Iron

This type of metal is made with very little carbon and is therefore considered an iron compound. In contrast, cast iron has a much higher carbon amount. Many consider wrought iron to look like wood in disguise, as it has a rustic, grainy texture to it. Likewise, wrought iron balusters come in a plethora of designs and widths, along with a powder-coated finish available.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel also is very low in carbon. Essentially, stainless steel makes a great outdoor and indoor railing material. It’s an affordable metal and is corrosion resistant. Yes, outdoor stainless steel railings and balusters will rust, but can be easily polished and repaired. A variety of shapes and widths give stainless steel its classic and clean look.


This metal is one of the most modern materials in the home décor and stair industry. Usually made of aluminum or iron, a cable railing and balusters offers an ultra-lux and sleek contemporary design. Do you have young children in your house? Cable railings are safe and extremely durable. In fact, cable railings have been held to higher quality standards than other materials.

Ask a stair expert about custom etchings or engravings such as your last name’s first initial on your metal railing!


Metal Balusters (Spindles)

Just like the metal stair railing itself, the individual balusters or spindles can be pre-designed for you, or custom-made. A wide range of widths, designs, and even engravings are possible with different types of metal.

View our modern railing designs to get ideas on spindles for your metal staircase. Similarly, you can look through our ornamental metal gallery for equally stunning metal baluster design ideas.

There is nothing that beats the dependability and life of good-quality metal spindles.


Pre-Designed or Custom Metal Stair Railings

Are you feeling inspired?

Renovating individual stair parts, such as installing a metal railing, is a simple way to give your home a décor appeal boost. Plus, it can increase the value of your home equally as much as installing an entirely new staircase.

Are you looking for a high-quality local metal fabricator to install a stair railing system? Southern Staircase has built and renovated metal stair railing systems all over the country for residential and commercial spaces.

Whether you are looking to install a metal stair railing system indoor or outdoor, commercially or residentially, Southern Staircase has you covered.

Contact our expert team of builders and designers to discuss price, project length, materials, and more.

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