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Is it Balusters or Banisters? Alpharetta, GA

Is it Balusters or Banisters?


Customers are often confused when it comes to staircase terminology. One of the most common confusions is the use of “balusters” or “banisters”. So, which one is it?

While the team at Southern Staircase is more accustomed to using “baluster”, both can be used to describe the support systems of a staircase.


So what exactly is a baluster?

As mentioned above, a baluster is the support system of a staircase. They can be made of a multitude of materials, such as wood, glass, or wrought iron, and stretch up to the actual handrail.


Balusters are often the pivotal element of staircase design and can be crafted from a variety of materials to match whatever style you are seeking. In this picture, wooden balusters are used to create a traditional and timeless style.


In the next featured photo, an intricate metal baluster system is used to create an air of luxury and elegance.


Are you inspired?

Whether traditional or modern, stock or custom, our team designs and builds the highest quality balusters, and we follow a turn-key approach to ensure smooth processes through all phases of construction. From inspiration to installation, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Contact us to discuss your upcoming design project.
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