Sophisticated, modern, and sleek, glass staircases offer an excellent option for customers seeking a futuristic style. Offering clear, unobstructed views throughout a space, this unique design element is an excellent fit for contemporary spaces, both commercial and residential. This week, we share several unique glass staircase designs and discuss the reasons glass may be the perfect fit for your upcoming project.

Paneled Glass Handrail Creates an Illusion

While some customers seek a handrail system that serves as a decorative accent, others prefer a railing that lets the staircase and space speak for themselves. Our first featured stair is an excellent example. The sleek glass handrail system offers safety and durability without obstructing any views. In fact, the clear glass creates an illusion that the stair stands without a handrail at all.

Glass Treads Step Up Style

Our next glass stair feature is one of our all-time favorite projects. Designed and constructed for a residence in Arizona, the staircase features bright blue glass treads with a stainless steel and cable rail system. For more details on this exquisite project, check out our Stair Design of the Month from March.

Arizona Blue Glass Stair Top View

Curved Glass and Stainless Steel Create a Minimalist’s Dream

One of the benefits of incorporating glass into a custom stair design is its versatility. Whether straight or curved, wooden or metal, glass can add a modern and sophisticated touch to any stair. Our next featured project is a minimalist curved stair. The all-white stair carriage and walls are beautifully accented by a glass and stainless steel handrail system for a clean and elegant finish.

Pair Stone with Glass for a Touch of Warmth

As we mentioned above, glass is extremely versatile. Our next project combines a sleek glass handrail system with wooden treads and beautiful stone columns for a unique look. The glass rail allows the dark treads and stones to take center stage, creating a warm, inviting appeal.

Modern Staircase

No matter how you choose to incorporate glass into your custom stair design, our team is dedicated to providing the best quality and style. Our glass stairs are constructed with tempered glass of varying thicknesses, offering both functionality and aesthetics. When designing commercial and residential glass staircases, we support our clients throughout all phases by:

  • Providing inspiration photos and discussing innovative design options
  • Educating clients on the different material pairings available
  • Helping to determine the installation option which best fits project needs
  • Ensuring code compliance and safety

As the single source of responsibility for the entire staircase system, we provide our clients with a seamless, cohesive design and flawless fit and finish.

Are you inspired?

Check out our glass staircase gallery for additional photos and inspiration. From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom staircases. Our reputation speaks for itself and client satisfaction is our highest priority. Contact us today to discuss your next custom stair project.