A custom stair design truly has the ability to take a home or commercial space to a new level, making a bold statement. Custom staircases of all shapes and styles add a unique touch to their spaces. This week, we explore the ways in which glass staircases and cable railing systems complement modern architecture and décor.

Modern Custom Staircase Design

One of the top traits of modern design is the creation of bright, open spaces. As the trend toward the open concept floor plan continues to grow in popularity, many homeowners and commercial property owners are seeking unique ways to further open up their spaces.

For fans of modern design, a custom glass staircase or cable rail system can offer a beautiful, functional staircase with unobstructed views throughout the space. When glass and cable rail are paired with open treads, freestanding stairs, or other unique structural options, the impact is even greater.

Refined Glass Staircase Systems

For those seeking an eye-catching contemporary look with unobstructed views, glass is an excellent choice. Our glass staircases are constructed with tempered glass, with thickness varying based on the individual stair. Each glass stair and railing system is engineered to provide a perfect fit and the highest quality.

Our first featured glass staircase and balcony system is an excellent example of a stair’s ability to “let the light in.” The sleek glass and stainless steel railing system add to the home’s open and airy feel while reflecting the clean lines integral to modern design.

Glass Railing Stair and Balcony

Next, we visit another custom stair project which features a glass railing system. The modern glass panels, paired with dark open treads and a freestanding structure, offer views through the space to the large windows and beautiful wooded land beyond.

Dark Wood Stair Glass Rail

Industrial and Sleek Cable Rail Systems

Another material for modern design lovers to consider is cable rail. With a more industrial look than glass, cable rail also offers open views, and the clean, parallel lines are a perfect fit for any modern space, whether interior or exterior.

Our first featured cable rail project is a prime example.  The cable rail and wood combination railing system is a stunning accent to the exquisite stone wall beyond the stair.

Cable Rail Stone Wall

Next, we take a look at another unique modern stair. This project features open risers, a bright colorful mono stringer design, and contemporary cable rail system. The funky color combination, clean lines, and open structure transform this staircase into a true focal point.

 Colorful monostringer cable rail

Custom Staircase Design Process

Our innovative design team works closely with customers to ensure that their unique styles are captured in each project. Our turnkey design process includes:

  • Meeting to discuss design options and inspiration from our extensive portfolio
  • Education regarding different material pairings, including but not limited to glass and cable rail
  • Discussing installation services and determining which approach best fits the project requirements

Once the design phase is complete, our team will construct the custom stair, ensuring ultimate durability and compliance with building codes and regulations.

Are you inspired?

Visit our modern staircase designs project gallery for additional pictures and inspiration from our exquisite projects. From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom staircases. Our reputation speaks for itself and client satisfaction is our highest priority. Contact us today to discuss your next custom stairs project.