One of our most popular product offerings is the metal baluster system. Paired with a wooden or metal railing, metal balusters can take a commercial or residential stair design to a new level. Builders, architects, designers, and homeowners all love metal balusters, and this week we explore several of our popular design options.

Crafted to Match Each Unique Style

Our customers love the versatility offered by metal balusters, and our creative team is proud to create metal baluster systems to match every unique style. Whether you are exploring metal balusters as an option for completing a traditional home or a modern commercial space, there are endless designs available.

For example, customers seeking a traditional pattern that exudes elegance balanced with clean lines may be drawn to our Oliver design. The simple scroll pattern is classic, and the hand forged metal incorporates distinct patterns with a touch of sophistication.

For a modern twist, our Laurent design offers a unique take on contemporary baluster style. Featuring geometric accents, this baluster system is both eye-catching and elegant.

For those seeking a metal baluster system that is truly one-of-a-kind, our talented team will work collaboratively with customers to bring each unique vision to life.

Below, we highlight a custom wrought iron design which features an elaborate paneled scroll pattern. This custom system is a stunning fit for the luxurious free-standing curved stair for which it was designed.

Luxury Curved Stair with Wrought Iron

Below, another custom project – much different in style, but similarly striking in impact – showcases our capabilities in the modern design arena. Clean lines with whimsical curve accents transform this railing system into a true work of art.

Wrought Iron Hand Rail Systems

For customers choosing a metal baluster system, the options are truly limitless. In addition to our vast style portfolio, customers can further personalize their railing systems by considering the following elements:


Our metal baluster systems are available in chiseled, hammered, and smooth textures with powder coating for lasting durability. Finish color options include:

  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Satin black
  • Pompeian gold
  • Silver tex

Metal balusters can be beautifully paired with wooden or metal handrail systems. When designing your stair, our team will share inspiration photos and discuss your vision to determine the best fit.

Wooden handrail styles include:

  • T-rail
  • Round
  • Windsor
  • Monaco
  • Vista

Metal handrail options include:

  • Molded tubular
  • Forged steel
  • Cover rail

Finally, your project will be completed with newel posts, shoes, and terminal ends that match your style and space. We work closely with builders, designers, architects, and homeowners throughout all phases of design and delivery to bring your vision to life.

Are you inspired?

View our metal baluster photo gallery and ornamental metal catalog for additional inspiration for your residential or commercial space. Whether you select a stock baluster style or enlist our artisan ornamental metal team to hand-forge a one-of-a-kind pattern, our team is committed to ultimate quality and customer satisfaction in every project. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming staircase project.