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Turnkey Staircase Remodel Solutions for Homeowners in Arizona


Our industry-leading team leverages experience and skill to enhance clients’ homes through staircase remodel projects. Following a streamlined process that involves minimal disruption and a quick turnaround, we complete most stair makeovers in just two days.


Whether you have specific improvements in mind or are seeking staircase upgrade ideas, our award-winning design team will work with you to bring your vision to reality. With a wide variety of styles, our team works with all species of wood and a full range of baluster styles, from traditional wood to modern metal.


Our remodel team has the experience and knowledge to embrace the most challenging projects. Working within your budget and your home’s infrastructure, our stair makeover solution will truly transform your space.


From demolition and wall removal through finishing, our craftsmen share the high expectations of our clients and strive for perfection in each staircase overhaul that we perform.


Our extensive portfolio includes stair makeovers from simple baluster upgrades to complete renovations. We are proud to provide the highest quality craftsmanship combined with premium customer service.

A remodel can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a home, and homeowners are often surprised to learn that stair makeovers are available as a turnkey, cost-effective solution. Whether you are seeking to upgrade to metal balusters, replace treads and risers, or remove walls to install a beautiful handrail system, our team will plan and execute the perfect staircase for your home and budget.

When beginning a remodeling project, our design team will meet with you to assess the current layout and discuss your goals for the renovation. If you are interested in a design update to match cabinets, furniture, or wood flooring, we will perform style and color matching to complete the theme. If you desire an entirely new look, our creative team has a large portfolio of staircase remodel ideas and will customize a solution for your home.

Like our new construction projects, our staircase remodel services offer a breadth of choices for homeowners. Our craftsmen work with all species of wood and offer endless styles of balusters in both wood and metal. The design options are limitless, and we will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your updated staircase reflects your personal style.

Although a stair remodel may sound like a major undertaking, our team of experts offers turnkey stair makeover services and completes most projects in less than two days. Following a proven process that includes safe and measured demolition, flooring removal, sheetrock repairs, and flawless installation, stair remodels result in very minimal disruption to the home.

In order to protect your home and belongings, we isolate the remodel area and utilize protective coverings. No construction project is completely dust-proof, but we have trained our remodel crews on techniques to minimize the amount of dust in your home. In addition, we pre-stain and finish all wood within our own facility to reduce the impact and prevent odors during installation.

With 30 years of experience, our company leverages extensive capability and skill to offer cost-effective, turnkey staircase remodel services. We are proud to enhance clients’ homes and provide a streamlined remodel process, from inspiration to installation.

Note: At this time, our National Team focuses on new construction or complete stair replacements. Baluster replacements and other in-home remodel services are offered in Arizona only.