For residential and commercial builders, selecting a trusted staircase construction partner can be challenging. Your reputation is at stake, and you count on each subcontractor to share and uphold your dedication to on-time delivery, quality, and customer satisfaction. This week, we discuss three key factors to consider as you evaluate potential stairs providers.

Design Capabilities

Whether you are seeking a monumental traditional curved staircase to complete a luxury residence or a modern, sleek straight stair for a commercial project, you must align yourself with a stair provider who possesses the industry knowledge, creativity, and capabilities to bring your vision to life. Begin with the design phase. Which design services are offered by each firm? What types of projects are included in their portfolios?

Modern curved staircase

Our talented team provides comprehensive design assistance and thrives under the challenge of designing innovative, one-of-a-kind staircases. When partnering with custom home builders, we are happy to offer homeowner consultations to include your customers and ensure their needs are being met.

luxury staircase wrought iron handrail

Our extensive portfolio includes custom stairs projects of all types including residential, retail, institutional, hospitality, healthcare, office buildings, apartments, and more. To ensure project success, our design offering includes:

  • Stair design assistance with limitless options for customization
  • Detailed budget estimates and value engineering
  • CAD drawings, renderings, and 3-D modeling
  • Submittal packages
  • Engineering services including ability to provide signed, stamped drawings in all 50 states
  • Expertise in building code

Project Management

Another important consideration when selecting a staircase construction partner is the company’s approach to project management. A highly-organized process is critical in preventing frustrating and costly delays and errors.

We have developed a proven turnkey project management process, following a systemized approach for each staircase build, no matter how custom the project may be. This system benefits our clients by prioritizing organization, excellent communication, and responsiveness.  Throughout the design, construction, delivery, and installation phases, our team works collaboratively, sharing a dedication to overcome any challenge that arises. We are committed to on-time delivery and top quality in every project.

Installation Options

Finally, it is important to consider your potential staircase construction partners’ installation offerings. You may be seeking a firm to construct a stair that will be installed by your team or a turnkey approach, where the stair provider will oversee and handle all phases of the project for you. It is important that you understand the process offered by each provider in order to determine the best fit for your needs.

Our team offers several installation options, including a premium turnkey installation service. Through this solution, our craftsmen construct the staircase and handrail system in our advanced facility following finalization and approval of all drawings and renderings. The complete system is then delivered to the job site to be installed by our expert team.

Learn more about the benefits of turnkey installation.

Do you have upcoming custom staircase needs?

Learn more about our approach to partnering with home buildersgeneral contractors, and architects.  From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom staircases, and we would be honored to serve as a resource for your upcoming projects.  Contact us for an estimate or to arrange a free design consultation.