It is no secret our team is passionate about creative and innovative staircase design. To celebrate the designs that truly stand out, we hold a Stair Design Photo of the Month competition. Each month, our team members submit their favorite staircase photos for consideration. This month, we are excited to feature a modern glass staircase constructed for a residence in Arizona.

March Project of the Month Winner – Arizona Glass Staircase

Arizona Blue Glass Stair Top View

A staircase can serve as a significant focal point in any residential or commercial building, setting the overall style of the space. With extensive design and construction capabilities, our team works with customers to bring unique visions to life.

For this project, our team was approached by an Arizona homeowner with a love for contemporary staircase design. In her search for inspiration, the homeowner found a photo that matched her unique style. Crafted with blue glass, the modern stairs were originally designed for a commercial building.

Arizona Modern Glass Stair

The customer worked collaboratively with the talented ornamental metal team in our Phoenix, Arizona office and engineering team in Atlanta, Georgia to design her dream staircase. Together, they recreated the stair, ensuring a perfect fit within the residence.

Top Features of These Modern Stairs – Why Choose Stainless Steel & Glass in Contemporary Stair Design?

With clean lines and a unique texture, the beautiful blue glass treads enhance the home’s modern style. The open riser structure of this modern stair enhances the openness and allows the stunning glass to truly shine. The brightly colored glass transforms these modern stairs into a sophisticated work of art.

Accompanying the glass is a minimalist stainless steel handrail system. The sleek design offers alluring appeal and top quality. Expertly welded for a perfect fit, the parallel lines of the railing offer exquisite transparency, a clear line of sight with unobstructed views throughout the space.

The striking combination of stainless steel and glass creates the perfect balance of strong durability and minimalist design. Versatile and industrial, these elements capture the essence of modern architecture.

Are you inspired?

Our team collaborates with builders, designers, architects, and homeowners to design unique stair and handrail systems, creating works of art in homes and commercial spaces across the country. Whether the style is ultra-modern, traditional, rustic, or somewhere in between, our team will work to create the perfect staircase to fit your needs. Leveraging a creative design approach, robust project management system, and national capabilities, we are committed to on-time delivery and customer satisfaction in every project. Contact us to discuss inspiration for your upcoming project.

Next Project of the Month – Help Us Decide!

In the past, our Stair Design Photo of the Month competition has been determined through an internal team vote. Starting this month, we are excited to open up the contest to gain feedback from others. View the current Photo of the Month submissions and let us know which is your favorite!

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