We are excited to feature our latest winning stair design photo of the month! This month’s photo is a bit different from most. Rather than a finished stair, this picture gives a glimpse behind the scenes, showcasing the installation process and four of our outstanding team members. Thank you to all who voted for this unique photo!

NC Installation Team - curved stair installation

This photo was submitted by our Raleigh, North Carolina team. The project, a series of stacked curved staircases in Richmond Virginia, was completed for Gumenick Properties’ Monument Square development. The Raleigh division’s sales and installation crews handled the large project, and this photo shows the sixth building the team completed.

To execute this exciting and extensive project, the crew departs Raleigh early in the morning, traveling to Richmond to install the stacked, freestanding curves, then returns home in the evening.  The lengthy days include over five hours of driving and eight hours of grueling stair installation. The team has truly embraced and enjoyed the challenges of undertaking such a complex project.

Speaking of the outstanding crew, who are the expert installers featured in this photo?  Clockwise from the top left to bottom right:

  • Leo Rangel
  • Octavio Garcia
  • Isaac Hunt
  • Sam Hunt

Nash Redwine, General Manager overseeing the Raleigh Division, points out another detail to note. “I love seeing a clean jobsite almost more than anything in the world. It speaks to the truly professional manner in which these men conduct themselves,” Nash says.

From inspiration to installation, our experienced team is committed to client satisfaction. Comprehensive design assistance and robust project management provide expert guidance and ensure flawless execution in each project.

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