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Gorgeous and striking staircases are not just found in homes. You know best that other structures call for impressive entries and staircases as well. We are experts on custom commercial staircase design and understand how to meet the needs for hospitals, libraries, government offices, and other such buildings…whatever your customers require.

More than a means of getting from one floor to another, a staircase makes a statement. It echoes, and often sets, the style for a building. Whether that style calls for something grand or subtle, contemporary or modern, soft or angular, we understand how to design and build the perfect complimenting staircase.

Customized Commercial Staircase

But we don’t forget the functional aspect. Space is a major consideration in a commercial building. Your project may call for a large, open floor plan, or you may have a limited amount of space in which to work. There may be other building features that you need to work around. Regardless of your design constraints, we can help you design or find a staircase that fits perfectly and is visually impactful.

Work with Our Expert, Knowledgeable Staff

Safety is also extremely important to us. We want to help you minimize risk and maximize the stability and strength of your staircase. Our experts understand building codes and can help guide you during both the design and build stages. We have decades of expertise in many different situations and would love the chance to share our knowledge and awareness.

Building a customized commercial staircase begins as we come together on the design. We can work directly with your team or any outsourced contributors, such as architects, to put a preliminary design in place. A primary goal during this conceptual time is to balance cost with aesthetic quality, which will set the parameters for the project as a whole. Next, we formulate a more detailed plan, including design and budget alternatives if so needed. And as your project moves into the build phase, we are here to support you all along the way – until the job is complete. We even offer a turnkey installation service.

View Our Customized Staircase Gallery

No matter what type of building you are constructing, we want to add value to your project with an exceptional staircase. Spend some time in our gallery to get a feel for what your custom job can look like. If you already have a design, our capabilities to build according to your vision are limitless. We can create staircases and stair parts with stainless steel, glass, hand forged wrought iron, steel, or any other material you want to use. Anything is possible.

We serve clients all across the country, so Contact Us today or Request a Quote to get started (for an even faster response, attach any plans or specifications you may have).


  • Contact Southern Staircase by Phone, Email, Fax or by the contact page on our Web Site. At that time, please provide floor plans of each stair flight as well as any elevation and design drawings including the specifications, including and not limited to styles of stair parts and wood species. If you do not have prints available, simple line sketches showing basic dimensions will get us started. PDF and CAD file formats are acceptable.
  • Once we receive your plans, we’ll prepare an estimate in a timely fashion for your consideration.


  • Once the estimate is accepted, we start the design process by using one of the following measuring options: 1) use the dimensions on the architectural plans, 2) use actual field dimensions given to us by you or 3) use dimensions that we obtain by going to the jobsite (Optional service). Note: We also can draw conceptual drawings to get the process going.
  • Once drawings are approved, we fabricate the stair carriage in the shop complete with the finished treads, risers and skirt boards. We can deliver the stair in 2 ways: 1) Crated and shipped via common carrier or 2) Delivered and installed by us in our company truck.
  • The rail system can be sent loose but we do have a popular alternative called our Pre-fit Rail system. This is a prefabricated (dry-fit) system where the rail system is installed on the stair complete with newels, balusters and fittings cut to fit while the staircase is in our shop. The rail system is then packaged in kit form for easy installation by your trim subcontractor. With this process, we deliver the pre-fit stair parts and any extra balcony parts at the same time as the delivery of the pre-manufactured staircase. Many customers with capable trim subcontractors choose this option. This benefit to you is to save time and cost.
  • We also offer a turnkey system. In this case, we fabricate the staircase, deliver and install the staircase, provide the rail system and install the entire rail system including all stair and balcony trim. This is a great option for those interested in a quality stair system for a fix price.

Why Buy From Us:

  • Long time commitment to quality
  • Very innovative in stair system design
  • Expert wood and iron craftsmen
  • We make the process easy
  • Great partnership with vendors
  • Customer service is our number 1 priority
  • Modern machinery
  • We are a stable Company
  • Technical experts
  • Can handle your stair needs from conception to complete installation
  • We service the continental United States
  • Our brand is strong throughout the country