As the trend toward open concept floorplans continues to hold strong, many clients are selecting open staircases to further enhance their residential and commercial spaces. With an open rise, these freestanding stairs offer clear views throughout a space, bringing in light and a modern flair.

Traditionally, a staircase was considered simply a functional architectural aspect – a required path between floors, taking up valuable square footage. Innovative stair designs have transformed these necessary structures into pieces of art, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their spaces. This week, we explore open staircase design, the perfect complement for modern homes and commercial buildings.

Sleek Curves and Cable Rail

First, we feature a beautiful freestanding open rise curved stair. The parallel lines of the cable rail system accentuate the arc of the stair’s wood carriage. With hallmark open views and a floating, airy feel, this custom stair completes the space perfectly.

stainless steel staircase

Scissor Stair with Glass Rail

Next, we take a look at another unique open staircase project. This modern scissor straight stair features a bold mono-stringer, giving each tread a weightless look. Even the landing appears to float mid-air. The dark treads and handrail, paired with high-quality glass panels, create the perfect accent to the contemporary home’s dark floors.

glass mono stringer staircase

Ornamental Metal and Open Risers

The beautiful residential project below showcases stacked, straight, open stairs. Each staircase features light wood treads, painted stringers matching the home’s trim, and simple yet striking wrought iron balusters. With the coordinating balcony system, these stairs open up the home and its multiple levels.

double wrought iron

Double Curves for a Grand Foyer

Our final featured open staircase project is a beautiful double curved stair system, designed for the foyer of a luxury residence. The open, freestanding structure allows the wooden treads and handrail system to capture the eye from all angles.

Double open curve

Safety Standards and Building Codes for Open Staircases

An open staircase’s unique structure requires precise calculations and industry expertise to ensure quality and safety. To guarantee lasting durability and code compliance, it is imperative to partner with an experienced staircase provider.

We are proud to partner with builders, architects, designers, and homeowners to design, construct, and install the highest quality open staircases. To ensure that each staircase is built to code and safe for use, our design team takes several precautions to limit the spacing between treads. Two popular approaches include:

  • Adding steel or wood bars to decrease the spacing between treads
  • Closing tread gaps by adjusting dimensions of the nosing at the front of the treads

Both options add a modern aesthetic while guaranteeing ultimate safety.

Working with an experienced staircase builder is the key to ensuring that stairs are well-constructed and safe. Our outstanding team is committed to delivering the highest quality construction in every project.

Are you feeling inspired?

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