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Custom Staircase Design for Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix stair remodeling near me: a custom staircase design in Phoenix, AZ

While Artistic Stairs crafts top-quality staircases of all kinds and provides flawless installation services, the staircase design process is our specialty. We have a team of talented experts who can accommodate any style and budget when it comes to your residential stairs in Phoenix. We are known for eye-catching custom staircase designs that satisfy functionality and safety.


The Custom Staircase Design Process

When it comes to stairs, we make the process simple and rewarding. Since we are the single source of responsibility for the entire staircase, including stairs, balusters, and handrails, we promise a turnkey process and a stress-free experience. Regardless of your unique style or personal budget, we can offer countless options for your staircase, including wood, steel, glass, and metal materials as well as stunning finishes, handrails, and more. From a modern to an ornate luxury home, you can trust Artistic Stairs for excellence at every stage of the process.

From modern designs with glass and metal materials to traditional or craftsman-style made with premium wood or steel. When it comes to the shape of your stairs, we offer flared, straight, curved, and spiral models that can fit seamlessly within your home layout. Explore our expansive design portfolio today, and let us start your project in Phoenix.


Custom Staircase Construction for Homebuilders

Phoenix homebuilders love working with us for staircase construction. Not only do we bring over 30 years of industry experience and knowledge, but we offer comprehensive services that include construction, and installation. We are known for our seamless communication and willingness to meet with clients to ensure product satisfaction. Our team also makes it a priority to stay on schedule for homebuilders and construct stairs that are compliant with building codes and regulations.


Don’t Overlook Balusters and Handrails

The balusters and handrails of your staircase design can make a substantial impact on the overall look of the stairs. In addition, changing the balusters or handrails can also create an excellent upgrade or remodel to your existing set of stairs. We are proud to offer a full menu of baluster and handrail materials and product designs. Depending on your style, stair layout, and budget needs, you may choose from top-quality wood, glass, stainless steel, cable rails, and hand-forged wrought iron systems. Pairing different materials together truly brings out an ultra-modern unique look.


Staircase Design with Artistic Stairs

If you are a contractor, builder, or homeowner in Phoenix, we welcome the opportunity to design and install your staircase project. When it comes to residential stairs of any kind, we promise a positive experience and beautiful, tailored results.

We are eager to hear about your vision and offer further inspiration and guidance for your staircase project. Working with the best will only produce the best results and increase the market value and aesthetic look of your space.

Contact our expert team now to discuss your options for staircase design in Phoenix, AZ.