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28 Mar

Modern Stair Railing Design Trends with Steel Elements

Stair railing design trends in staircase remodels and new stairway builds have been heavy with the mixing or pairing of different materials. Steel stair railings mixed with other metals, glass, or wood for the balusters and balustrades can result in an eye-catching contemporary staircase railing system.   Stair Railing Design Trends that

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28 Feb

The Remarkably Exceptional Steel Stair Railing

A modern home design staircase trend that has stuck around (and doesn’t look like it’s diminishing any time soon) is a steel stair railing. There is not just one benefit or advantage to having steel staircase railings in your home. Previously found only in commercial buildings, steel has now gravitated into the homeowners’ realm for […]

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28 Jan

Pay Attention to These 5 Current Modern Staircase Remodel Trends

A modern staircase can be a beautiful and memorable part of any home, a symbol of strength and everlasting memories. Remodeling your staircase is a wonderful option to change up your home décor with a fresh new look. Here are five modern staircase remodel trends currently popular for residential spaces.   Remodeling a Modern Staircase

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28 Dec

Beautiful Functional Exterior Railings Complete Any Outdoor Staircase

Exterior stairs can make an impressive statement on the outside of a home. Therefore, your quality outdoor staircase(s) deserve equally high-quality exterior railings, whether leading to a pool area, playground, trampoline, or gorgeous open property. If you are a frequent host or simply just want to wow your family (or yourself), exterior

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28 Aug

Easy Home Stair Railing Remodel: Install a Striking Metal Railing

Do you love your beautiful staircase, but your handrail and balusters are old or outdated? Then, a stair railing remodel is the perfect project for you. Whether pre-designed or custom-made, a metal handrail system from Artistic Stairs is a great start. A metal stair railing offers robustness and a range of looks from traditional to

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28 Jul

Custom Staircase Designs and Inspirations for Your Stair Remodeling Project

For many homeowners, a new year is a perfect time for a stair remodeling project. The new year brings a fresh start and a new beginning for inspiration and patience to reorganize sections of the home. In doing so, you may find that it’s the perfect time to add on to your living space or […]

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28 Jul

Home Staircase Remodel: 3 Popular Stair Railing Designs

A stunningly designed staircase remodel is not complete without a beautiful custom railing system. It is often the handrail design specifically that truly catches the eye and takes the stair system to a new level. Let’s explore three popular types of stair railing designs for your home staircase remodel: wrought iron, stainless steel, and

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