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19 Jul

Artistic Stairs Has Custom Stair Designs to Fit Your Architectural Style

Custom stair designs can drastically elevate the style and functionality of your home. Filled with stunning landscapes and beautiful houses of varied architectural panache, Arizona provides the perfect backdrop to your space. That is why Artistic Stairs specializes in staircase installations and remodels. By providing broad product offerings and custom stair designs, our team can help you enhance your home design to create the desired aesthetic that perfectly matches your property.


Contemporary Modern Style Homes and Stair Design

The contemporary modern style home provides minimalistic elements with shades of black, gray, beige, and white. Sleek, clean lines help to create highly functional and simplistic designs.


Historic Phoenix is home to a large number of bungalow houses. While these bungalows are traditionally one-story, multi-level contemporary bungalows are becoming popular in the Garfield historic district. These homes typically feature clean lines with hues of white and black.

Suggested Stair Design: Custom stair designs with steel elements, a cable railing system, or black tones best complement this design aesthetic.


Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouses incorporate a more sophisticated design. The most common materials used for this type of home are wood, metal, and stucco featuring gray, white, and tan hues. Modern farmhouses take the rustic appeal and warmth of traditional farm homes and fuse them with contemporary aesthetics.

Suggested Stair Design: A custom staircase created with wooden handrails, a cable railing system, and steel stair treads will best complement this space.


Napa Style Farmhouse

This is a popular type of modern farmhouse that is inspired by Napa Valley, California. With this home design, you will see clean lines of white and black hues with metal elements incorporated into the windows and exposed wooden beams.

Suggested Stair Design: A stunning black metal staircase would best showcase the elegance of a Napa-style farmhouse.


Other Common Arizona Home Architectural Styles

Mediterranean Style Houses

These homes feature an open floor plan with exposed elements, including wooden beams, brick, and stucco under red-tiled roofs. Stone and iron details can also be seen on doors and windows.

Suggested Stair Design: Highlight the best features of a Mediterranean-style home with a wrought iron and steel custom stair design.


Pueblo Revival Architecture

This architectural style features signature thick walls of natural materials, curved edges and lines, and a flat roof. This type of home is commonly found throughout Phoenix’s historic districts. They are also referred to as Adobe-style homes because they are constructed from Adobe (mud bricks). Other common stylistic elements include heavy wooden doors and exposed wooden beams. These tend to be single-story homes.

Suggested Stair Design: A custom stair design featuring wooden elements would best complement this architectural style.


Spanish Colonial

This type of home is inspired by Spanish homes of the colonial period and is characterized by signature hues of brown, white, and yellow. Common features include a red-tiled roof, hard flooring, small windows, arched doorways, and wooden and wrought iron elements. These homes are made of clay, brick, mud, and/or plaster.

Suggested Stair Design: A custom stair design with wooden elements best complements the earthy tone of Spanish Colonial homes.


Get the Custom Stair Design to Fit Your Home with Artistic Stairs

The expert team of innovative builders and designers at Artistic Stairs can craft custom stair designs to complement the unique architectural features of your home. During the design and building process, they will execute your vision with precision to ensure your staircase enhances the beauty, functionality, and value of your property.

Contact the team at Artistic Stairs today to get started on your custom stair design.