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The Advantages of Installing Metal Stair Railings – Artistic Stairs

metal stair railing and metal balcony railing
28 Feb

A modern home design staircase trend that has stuck around (and doesn’t look like it’s diminishing any time soon) is a metal stair railings. There is not just one benefit or advantage to having steel staircase railings in your home. Previously found only in commercial buildings, steel has now gravitated into the homeowners’ realm for both interior and exterior stairway remodels and new builds.


Why Your Home Needs a Metal Railing (or a Few)

Simple Installation

Pre-assembled panels made in our state-of-the-art steel fabrication warehouse come in many sizes and configurations to meet a variety of rail heights and run lengths. We can custom-make any length and width you need. Plus, our easy and quick-to-install and pre-drilled steel handrails, spacer newels, and panel posts make remodeling your staircase a breeze. Say goodbye to remodels leaving your home full of sandpaper dust, caulk residue, glue bits, or spilled paint.

Indoor and Outdoor Appeal

Steel is a great look for both the inside and outside of homes. For interior and exterior railings and balusters, you can choose from a variety of ornamental steel tubing, powder-coated finishes, bespoke simplistic designs, paired with newels and more.  If a custom engraving is something you are interested in, this is a great addition to make your steel stair railing system even more customized.

Homeowners with an urban contemporary style design, open floor plan, a loft or a condo, have all expressed a desire for steel stairway elements. For example, a steel railing system can complement metal lighting elements, kitchen appliances, grills, balconies, pool decks, and more. Furthermore, steel is a good complement to furnishings with an industrial look.

Easy Maintenance

Steel railings, balusters, fittings, and newel posts only require a quick periodic cleaning done with very little effort. Compare that to cleaning and maintaining a wood railing. Wood that is not re-sanded and re-stained every few years will quickly rot and fall apart.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Steel elements are on the rise in homes across America. Many future home owners learning about the home trend in steel elements, and they want to have this in their future home. Without a doubt, a steel stair railing system and other steel elements increases the value of your home.

Metal Stair Railings are Exactly What Your Home Needs

We believe the style and popularity of steel stair railing systems will continue to grow in the decades to come. Metal finishes and full metal fixtures are two of the most popular home trends.

Are you ready to amplify your home with clean, linear lines and a simplistic design? Our stair experts will create a staircase remodel to remember by designing you a beautiful custom steel stair railing system. If you are looking to install a completely new staircase with steel elements, this can be done as well.

Is this for your foyer, outside pool or balcony area, or basement? Artistic Stairs has offices in Tucson and Phoenix. Get in touch with our team today by telling us a little bit about what you envision for your staircase remodel.