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5 Jan

Stair Remodels 101: A Comprehensive Guide

In residential and commercial design, staircases often serve as the main focal point of the space. As a homeowner or business owner, you may be considering undergoing a stair remodel to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your build.

The team of experts at Artistic Stairs US has provided this comprehensive guide outlining the process of stair remodeling and exploring the intricacies of stair design to ensure you have the knowledge needed to bring your staircase vision to life.


Understanding the Basics of Stair Remodels

Choosing the Right Design

The first step in any stair remodel is choosing the right stair design. Consider the architectural style of your home or commercial building and the design aesthetic you wish to achieve. The possibilities are endless, from traditional styles to modern aesthetics, spiral staircases to straight stairs and beyond.

Material Matters

Your staircase should be crafted using premium materials, with each selection offering a unique blend of durability and visual appeal. Wood is a classic choice for a timeless look, while the combination of metal and glass provides a sleek, modern feel. Your choice of material significantly influences the design of your staircase and the overall ambiance of the space.


Insights for Homeowners: Elevating Your Design with Stair Railings

Stair Railings

The choice of stair railings plays a crucial role in the overall design of your stair remodel. Whether you opt for ornate iron railings or minimalist glass panels, you have a wide selection of railing options to choose from, ensuring they complement the desired design theme.


Insights for Builders: Crafting Commercial Stair Masterpieces

Building Codes and Regulations

Adherence to building codes and regulations is paramount if you are a professional builder undergoing a commercial stair remodel. Consider local code regulations regarding staircase dimensions, handrail heights, and other safety requirements. This ensures your stair remodel meets all necessary safety standards.

Collaboration with Architects and Designers

Successful commercial stair remodels involve effective collaboration between builders, architects, and designers. Work closely with designers and installers to ensure your staircase integrates seamlessly into the overall vision of your space. Consider factors including traffic flow, accessibility, and the intended atmosphere of the commercial area.


Innovative Designs: Pushing the Boundaries of Stair Remodels

Floating Stairs and Cantilever Designs

For those seeking a contemporary stair remodel, consider the allure of floating stairs or cantilever designs. These visually striking options create a sense of openness and modernity, pushing the boundaries of traditional staircase design.

Glass Staircases

Glass staircases provide a sleek and transparent aesthetic, allowing light to flow through the space effortlessly. While they may seem delicate, modern engineering ensures their stability and safety. Incorporating glass into your stair remodel adds a touch of sophistication and contemporary flair.


Transform Your Spaces with a Stair Remodel from Artistic Stairs US

Starting a stair remodel project as a homeowner or business owner is exciting. By carefully considering design, materials, and functionality, you can transform a mundane staircase into a stunning focal point. Whether you choose a classic wood staircase for a cozy home or a cutting-edge glass design for a commercial space, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Let Artistic Stairs US turn your stair design vision into a reality by creating a staircase that serves its functional purpose while adding an exquisite touch to your home or commercial project.

Ready to elevate your space with a stunning stair remodel? Contact Artistic Stairs US today for expert guidance and unparalleled craftsmanship.

25 Dec

Exterior Stair Remodels Crafting Durability with Premium Materials

In architectural design, the exterior appearance of a structure has the greatest impact on enhancing curb appeal to make a lasting impression. As a result, one of the most effective ways to boost the outdoor appeal of your project is to undergo exterior stair remodels.

Whether it’s a residence or a commercial building, the team of professionals at Artistic Stairs US understands that exterior stair remodels are pivotal to enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a property. That is why they craft durable exterior stairs using premium materials and optimized processes.


Using Premium Materials for Exterior Stair Remodels

Crafting Longevity with Quality

When it comes to undergoing exterior stair remodels, durability is of the utmost importance. By using premium materials that are resilient against outdoor elements,  Artistic Stairs US will ensure your exterior stair remodel meets all safety standards and code regulations to withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain its structural integrity.



Wood’s timeless, elegant appearance makes it a popular choice for exterior stair remodels. However, not all wood is created equal. That is why Artistic Stairs US uses premium hardwoods for their builds. Whether it’s the rich hues of mahogany or the classic appeal of oak, their exterior stair remodels bring forth the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and weather resistance.



Artistic Stairs US’ metal staircases are treated to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Known for its durability and resistance, a metal staircase is practical for several types of homes and commercial spaces, making it an ideal option for your exterior stair remodel.



Whether you’re looking to update the aesthetic appeal of your balcony or enhance the safety of the staircase, Artistic Stairs US’ glass balustrades are an optimal choice. They provide unobstructed views of the surrounding area while adding a touch of elegance to your space. Their weather-treated surface ensures they are durable and easy to maintain, making them a practical and stylish addition to any exterior home or commercial setting.



Artistic Stairs US cable railing systems require minimal maintenance. They are an excellent choice for outdoor use, providing a safe and secure application without compromising on style or functionality. With cable railing systems, you can create a beautiful and contemporary look that will complement any architectural design style.


Elevated Aesthetics and Architectural Harmony

Regarding exterior stair remodels, it’s not just durability that matters – elevated aesthetics play a vital role as well. Using premium materials provided by Artistic Stairs US will ensure both longevity and stylistic appeal that will complement the architectural design of your property.

These materials come in various textures and finishes, ranging from traditional wood finishes to contemporary composite textures, allowing you to choose the perfect match for the overall design of your build. By selecting the right materials, you can transform your space and ensure that your exterior stair remodel will last for years to come.


Durability Meets Elegance with Exterior Stair Remodels

Artistic Stairs US crafts exterior stair remodels that perfectly blend elegant aesthetics and streamlined functionality. To transform your exterior stairs and boost the curb appeal of your home or commercial build, contact Artistic Stairs US today.

7 Dec

Undergo Stair Remodeling to Enhance Your Commercial Space

In commercial construction, where innovation and aesthetics intersect, it is essential to create well-designed spaces. That’s where a stair remodeling project can truly transform your build. By partnering with our team of experts at Artistic Stairs US, you can create a staircase that not only serves its functional purpose but also enhances the aesthetic ambiance of your project.


Elevating Aesthetics and Functionality with Stair Remodeling

Staircases are not merely a functional element of your build, but an integral component to your project’s overall design. A thoughtfully remodeled staircase can transform the visual appeal of your commercial space, leaving a lasting impression on clients, visitors, and employees alike.

By incorporating modern design elements, premium materials, and the expert craftsmanship provided by our team, your stair remodeling project will help you create a unique identity for the commercial space you build.


Meeting Commercial Stair Remodeling Needs with Precision

As a professional builder, you understand that commercial projects demand a meticulous approach to both design and functionality. By undergoing stair remodeling, you can tailor your stairs to meet the specific needs of your space.

Whether it’s adhering to safety regulations, optimizing space, or integrating branding elements, a well-executed stair remodel will align with the broader objectives of your project so you can create a build that fosters a cohesive and functional environment.


Stair Remodeling: The Impact on Employee and Client Experience

A well-designed and efficiently remodeled staircase can significantly enhance the employee/client experience. Thoughtful stylistic elements exemplify the company’s commitment to providing a conducive and aesthetically pleasing work environment to all the inhabitants and visitors of the building, creating a lasting impression of professionalism and attention to detail that can’t be ignored.


Craftsmanship and Quality Assurance

In commercial construction, durability is paramount. A stair remodel executed with the proper craftsmanship ensures that your stairs meet all safety standards and code regulations. That is why we provide quality materials, turnkey processes, and attention to detail to ensure the enduring value of your commercial project.


Benefits of Working with a Stair Remodeling Company

Our team of experts at Artistic Stairs US offers stair remodeling services for commercial spaces with a range of benefits. We infuse modern design elements and expert services to create unique staircase designs.

Our stairs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your commercial build, so they are perfectly optimized for your space. These remodels are executed with quality materials and optimized processes to ensure your stairs are compliant with safety standards and meet the specific vision for your project.


Enhance Your Commercial Space with Artistic Stairs US

If you are a professional builder looking to undergo stair remodeling to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial project, partner with our expert team at Artistic Stairs US. With our optimized processes, streamlined services, and dedication to providing quality craftsmanship, we will utilize our knowledge and experience to help you elevate your commercial space.

For additional information about our stair remodeling services and to schedule a consultation, contact our team today.

28 Nov

Cost-Effective Modern Stair Railings for Builders and Homeowners

As a builder or homeowner, it is paramount that you stay on budget when designing and installing modern stair railings. The team at Artistic Stairs US understands the importance of creating cost-effective stair designs without compromising quality. That is why they have outlined affordable modern stair railing solutions to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of your build.


How To Stay on Budget When Constructing Modern Stair Railings

Staying on budget while building and installing modern stair railings is easier when partnering with our experts at Artistic Stairs US.


Detailed Consultation

Our process begins with a detailed consultation where we sit down with you to understand your vision and the specific needs of your project. This step is crucial, as it allows us to assess your requirements and set realistic timelines from the start. This helps us set expectations to ensure that your budgetary needs are met without compromising the quality of your project.


Material Efficiency

At Artistic Stairs US, we excel at efficiently sourcing our materials. With years of knowledge and experience in the industry, we understand how to acquire top-quality materials at competitive prices. This means that you can have access to the premium materials you need without the premium price tag.


Streamlined Production

Our streamlined production processes are designed to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. By optimizing our workflow, we reduce overhead costs, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. These cost savings translate into budget-effective modern stair railings that meet your requirements.


Customized Solutions

We understand that every project is unique. That is why our team will closely collaborate with you to create customized solutions that align with your vision and budget. We tailor our services to ensure that you receive modern stair railings that are cost-effective.


No Compromise on Quality

At Artistic Stairs US, quality is non-negotiable. We take pride in our craftsmanship and commitment to aesthetics. Our goal is to deliver modern stair railings that meet high standards of quality, all within the budget parameters we establish with you. With us, you can achieve your project goals on a budget without compromising on quality.


Enhancing Property Value

Investing in modern stair railings is an effective way to enhance the value of your project. Quality railings improve the aesthetics and functionality of your build, which can lead to long-term financial benefits.


Working with Artistic Stairs US

When you choose to work with Artistic Stairs US, you are selecting a partner who will guide you through every phase of your project.

  • Comprehensive design assistance: We will educate you on the various materials available for your modern stair railing project, ensuring you make informed choices.
  • Measuring services: We guarantee a perfect fit in your home by taking precise measurements.
  • CAD drawings, renderings, and mock-ups: We provide these materials to ensure that your new staircase design aligns perfectly with your expectations.
  • Budget proposals with value engineering: We expertly balance aesthetics with budgetary considerations to ensure your project aligns with your budget.
  • On-time delivery through turnkey processes: We understand the value of timeliness and deliver your materials on schedule.
  • Expertise in building codes and regulations: Our professionals will ensure that your project meets all code standards and safety regulations.


Elevate Your Modern Stair Railings with Artistic Stairs US

As a builder or homeowner, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or aesthetics when creating your modern stair railings. At Artistic Stairs US, we specialize in providing cost-effective solutions that add value to your project.

Ready to explore modern stair railing solutions today? Contact Artistic Stairs US for a consultation and let us bring your vision to life.

7 Nov

Stair Railing Remodels Can Boost Your Property’s Appeal

When it comes to undergoing a remodel, updating your stair design can be an effective way to enhance the appeal of your property and increase your home value. This is especially true of stair railing remodels, which can transform the aesthetics and functionality of your staircase.


By partnering with the team of experts at Artistic Stairs US, you will receive the stair railing remodel you need to enhance the visual appeal of your home and boost your property value.


The ROI Potential of a Stair Railing Remodel


If you are considering remodeling your staircase, it is crucial to calculate the return on investment (ROI) you may receive. These types of projects have the potential to provide you with a substantial ROI.


Aesthetic Transformation


Outdated or stylistically unappealing railings can be a major turn-off for potential buyers. However, modern, well-designed railings can instantly capture their attention, creating a lasting impression that may ultimately push them into making an offer. The power of a visually appealing staircase should not be underestimated.


Increased Property Value


A property’s value is intricately linked to its overall aesthetics and functionality. Staircases often serve as the main focal point of many homes. That is why their design plays a vital role in increasing property value.


When a potential buyer walks into a space, a well-crafted and thoughtfully designed staircase is often the first design element they notice. It is also an indicator of the quality and attention to detail that will be present throughout the home design. With the right stair railing remodel you have the opportunity to increase the asking price when it’s time to put your property on the market.


Enhanced Safety


Modern stair railing remodels often include safety enhancements. These remodels are not just about adhering to building codes, but they can also enhance the functionality of your staircase by incorporating sturdier railings and non-slip materials, which will be a major selling point for certain buyers. Ensuring that your home is both aesthetically pleasing and safe can significantly boost its value.




With a stair railing remodel, you can customize the design of your staircase to your exact specifications. This personalization can drastically enhance the appeal of your home. Buyers are often looking for unique features that match or exceed their design preferences. A customized staircase railing can set your home apart from other properties, ensuring that you can command a higher selling price.


Get Your Property Noticed by Enhancing Its Curb Appeal


Investing in a stair railing remodel is a strategic decision that goes beyond improving the aesthetic appeal of your home. By undergoing a remodel, you can enhance your property value and achieve a significant ROI when it’s time to sell. By partnering with the team of experts at Artistic Stairs US, you will receive high-quality craftsmanship and the optimized processes you need to ensure your remodel is a success.


Ready to undergo a stair railing remodel for your property? Contact Artistic Stairs US today to discuss your project and discover how we can elevate your property’s appeal.

24 Oct

Stair Remodeling: How to Add Value to Your Property

If you want to increase the value of your property, consider a stair remodeling project. Upgrading your staircase design with Artistic Stairs US railings significantly boosts the overall aesthetic and functional appeal of your home.

Our expert designers craft railings with a focus on safety, style, and functionality. Discover how our railing designs can increase the value of your home.


Four Ways Stair Remodeling Can Enhance the Value of Your Home

Elevating Safety and Functionality

One of the most common reasons to consider a stair remodeling project is to enhance the safety and functionality of your staircase. Our railings are designed and constructed to provide sturdy supports to prevent accidents and ensure the safe use of your staircase. Whether you are building or renovating an indoor or outdoor staircase, our railings will offer you the utmost functionality while adding an element of sophistication to your space.


Updating the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

Railings with an outdated appearance can make your staircase appear dull and uninspired. With our diverse range of railing options, you can transform your staircase into a stunning visual focal point for your home. Our wide range of railing designs, materials, and finishes allows you to customize the look of your staircase to match your style. From classic to contemporary, our railings bring a touch of charm that instantly elevates the aesthetic appeal of your property.


Creating a Lasting Impression

First impressions matter, and your staircase is often one of the first design elements guests see when they enter your home. By investing in a stair remodeling project, you can create a memorable entryway that sets the stylistic tone for your home. Whether you are planning to sell your property or want to create a more inviting atmosphere, our railings will leave a lasting impression.


Curb Appeal That Sets You Apart

Curb appeal is important to attract potential homebuyers and enhance the marketability of your property. A well-designed staircase will create an impactful first impression, setting your home apart from others and giving you a competitive edge in the real estate market.


Effectively Enhance Your Property Value

In addition to enhancing safety and aesthetics, your stair remodeling project can play a pivotal role in significantly increasing the overall value of your property. The impact of a well-designed and thoughtfully upgraded staircase goes beyond immediate visual appeal. Its quality craftsmanship will resonate with potential buyers and appraisers alike.

Stair remodeling with Artistic Stairs US railings isn’t just about immediate home enhancement. It is an investment that will yield long-term returns. Well-constructed and visually appealing railings can become a timeless feature of your property, maintaining their allure and functionality for years to come. As your property values appreciate over time, your staircase remodel will continue to enhance the appeal of your home.


Partner with the Artistic Stairs US Team for Your Stair Remodeling Project

While a stair remodeling project can be an overlooked aspect of home improvement, it is an effective way to add value to your property. At Artistic Stairs US, we understand the importance of a well-designed staircase, and our railings are crafted with precision to enhance the safety, aesthetic appeal, and functionality of your home.

Elevate your property value with our diverse railing designs. Contact us today to transform your staircase.

10 Oct

Which Modern Staircase Materials Best Suit Your Space?

When it comes to crafting a modern staircase to complement your space, it is essential that you select the right materials for your build. At Artistic Stairs US, our team’s specialized knowledge and experience will guide you through design options to ensure the selection of the right materials for your modern staircase.

Explore the benefits of various staircase materials, including glass, metal, wood, and cable to discover which best aligns with your design vision.


Material Options For Your Modern Staircase

Glass Staircases

Glass staircases add a touch of refined elegance to any space. The use of tempered glass creates an open ambiance, allowing light to flow throughout your home. These staircases can enhance contemporary interiors while creating a spacious atmosphere. This is a great option for creating an elegant yet simple design.

Metal Staircases

Metal staircases offer a durable, modern aesthetic. With both sleek and intricate designs, metal can bring an urban, chic element to your space. The durability of metal ensures long-lasting functionality, making it a suitable selection for high foot traffic areas. If you are seeking to create a distinctive aesthetic, a metal staircase may be the right option for you.

Wooden Staircases

Wooden staircases bring a classic and warm aesthetic to any home. From traditional to contemporary, wood adapts effortlessly to many different types of property styles. The natural appeal of wood can add a timeless aesthetic to many types of spaces.

Cable Staircases

Staircases made of cable provide a contemporary style featuring open views. Cable railings are a perfect blend of style and functionality, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking to create a modern look.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, cable staircases prioritize functionality through their secure and minimalist designs. The thin cables provide a protective barrier that ensures the safety of its occupants during its use.


Considerations When Creating Your Modern Staircase

Choosing the right materials for your modern staircase is a pivotal step in crafting the right stair design for your project. Consider the following tips from our team of professionals to ensure you make informed decisions that will best align with your vision for your modern staircase.

1. Evaluate Your Space

Assess the existing design elements, color palette, and overall aesthetic of your space. Each material – glass, metal, wood, and cable – has unique characteristics that can blend seamlessly with existing design elements or create a striking contrast to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Understanding the personality of your space will help guide you in selecting the most suitable material for your staircase.

2. Define Your Style

Modern staircases offer stylistic versatility, from sleek and minimalistic to bold and expressive. Define your design preferences and explore how different materials can perfectly match your chosen aesthetic. Consult with our design professionals to receive invaluable insights about the compatibility of materials with your desired style.

3. Consider Functionality

While aesthetics plays a significant role in crafting your modern staircase, it is also important to consider the functionality of your stair design. Evaluate factors including foot traffic, maintenance requirements, and safety concerns.

4. Collaborate with Professionals

Partnering with our experts at Artistic Stairs US can greatly assist you in making the right material selections for your modern staircase. Our team of experienced designers can offer you expert advice tailored to your project’s unique requirements. We will collaborate closely with you to understand your preferences and recommend materials that align with your vision and project parameters.

5. Request Samples

Before making a final decision, request material samples to assess their textures, colors, and finishes. Place them within your space so you can evaluate if they are the right selection to meet the needs of your build. This tactile experience can help you visualize how each material will pair with your home’s existing design.

By considering these factors and collaborating with our team of expert craftsmen, you can make informed decisions that will bring your vision to life. At Artistic Stairs US, we are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process, from material selection to installation.


Elevate Your Modern Staircase Design with Artistic Stairs US

Create the modern staircase of your dreams by partnering with Artistic Stairs US. We specialize in crafting custom staircase solutions that will perfectly align with your vision and elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your home. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and create a modern staircase that best suits your space.

26 Sep

Modern Stair Railings: A Guide to Choosing the Right Materials

When selecting modern stair railings, the right choice of materials can make a significant impact on elevating the style and functionality of your staircase.

At Artistic Stairs, we understand that each space is unique. That is why it is essential to choose the appropriate materials for your modern stair railings to achieve a stunning design aesthetic.


Embracing Elegance: Where Style Meets Substance

Modern stair railings have become a standard selection if you are seeking the perfect blend of style and practicality. Their sleek and clean designs make them a highly sought-after choice in the world of stair design, which is why our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products that elevate your space.

We take great pride in offering a diverse selection of materials to transform your space. If you’re seeking to create a contemporary aesthetic of modern luxury, our stainless steel railings are the optimal choice. Their seamless lines showcase a sophisticated style to perfectly complement your staircase. Furthermore, stainless steel railings require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable.

Alternatively, if you want to create a natural ambiance, our wooden railings add a warm and inviting feel to any space. With our customizable wood selections, finishes, and designs, you can infuse unique personality into each detail. Our team of skilled craftsmen will work closely with you to create a modern stair railing that seamlessly complements your desired style.


Balancing Form and Function with Modern Stair Railings

When creating your modern stair railing, it is essential to consider its style, safety, and functionality. That is why our team will utilize their specialized skills and experience to ensure your staircase will be both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Our metal and steel railings have become a popular choice for blending form and function. These materials not only feature a contemporary charm to elevate the visual appeal of your staircase but also offer exceptional structural strength to withstand the demands of daily use.

Our team of innovative craftsmen takes great care in ensuring every detail of your modern stair railing meets strict safety codes and standards.


Customed Modern Stair Railings to Suit Your Space

Your space is an extension of your personality. That’s why we offer custom stair designs to match your style preferences and spatial requirements.

For a more sophisticated style, consider using glass for your modern stair railings. The sleekness and transparency of glass create an open and airy atmosphere, allowing natural light to flow freely throughout your space, making even the smallest of spaces appear bigger.


Elevate Your Space with Artistic Stairs’ Modern Stair Railings

Partner with Artistic Stairs to select the right materials for your modern stair railings. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, safety, and custom stair design ensures that your staircase will bring beauty and functionality to your home or commercial property.

Contact Artistic Stairs to discover the limitless possibilities for your modern stair railing project. Let our team of experts guide you through the process, providing unmatched expertise and exceptional service every step of the way.

Elevate your space with our modern stair railings today.

14 Sep

7 Advantages of Using Cable Railings for Your Staircase

If you are seeking to create a stylish and contemporary staircase to perfectly complement your space, cable railings may be the right selection for you. At Artistic Stairs, our team of experts is dedicated to bringing your staircase vision to life. Utilizing their outstanding expertise and customer service skills, they will partner with you to help you decide if these railings are the right choice for your stair system.


7 Advantages of Using Cable Railings for Your Staircase

Cable railings offer many benefits that make them the preferred choice when crafting modern stair designs.

Spacious Elegance

The sleek and unobtrusive style of cable railings creates an open and spacious feel, allowing for better visibility and natural light flow throughout your space. This not only makes smaller spaces appear much larger but can be beneficial for showcasing stunning views when used for exterior staircases.

Durability and Longevity

Cable railings are both durable and low-maintenance, making them an optimal selection for exterior staircases and spaces with heavy foot traffic. Their stainless steel cables are resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability even in the harshest weather conditions. Additionally, the minimalistic design elements of these railings are low maintenance and require little cleaning, saving you time and effort.

Visual Impact

One of the greatest benefits of cable railings is that they provide safety and functionality without compromising aesthetics. The thin cables provide a secure barrier while maintaining uninterrupted views of your space, adding a touch of modern luxury to any setting. Their simplistic design does not overwhelm a room, enabling other stylistic elements of the home to shine.

Versatility at Its Finest

Cable railings seamlessly blend with other design materials, including wood or metal, providing you with versatile stair design options. They can seamlessly complement a variety of architectural styles. Whether you are seeking to create a contemporary, industrial, or traditional design aesthetic, these railings can easily adapt to any style, creating a more polished look. Also, they can be used for many other design applications, including balconies, decks, patios, and terraces.

Improved Air Circulation

Unlike solid baluster options, cable railings allow for improved air circulation throughout a space. This is especially beneficial for smaller spaces or areas with limited ventilation, as it helps to create a more comfortable and hospitable environment.

Eco-Friendly Option

This railing type is a much more environmentally friendly option for your staircase compared to other railing materials. With stainless-steel cables and minimal use of materials, cable railings have a lower ecological impact, making them a better sustainable option for LEED-certified and eco-conscious builds.

Increased Home Value

Incorporating cable railings in your stair design can enhance the overall value of your property. With their modern design aesthetic and low-maintenance features, these railings are an attractive feature for potential homebuyers.


Choose Artistic Stairs for Your Railing Installations

At Artistic Stairs, we are dedicated to creating custom stair design solutions that reflect your desired staircase vision and are compliant with the highest safety standards. Let our experienced team of innovative craftsmen guide you through the material selection process to help you choose the right cable railings system for your staircase.

Contact Artistic Stairs today to schedule a consultation.

29 Aug

Modern Stair Design: The Extraordinary Benefits of Steel Staircases

Steel has an exceptional combination of durability and aesthetic appeal that make it an ideal material to use for residential modern stair design. Due to its many benefits, the team at  Artistic Stairs recommends the use of steel for both new staircase construction and stair remodeling.


The Extraordinary Advantages of Using Steel in Staircase Design

Speed of Construction

All of the steelwork used in modern stair design is prefabricated. As a result, there is minimal onsite work besides onsite welding assembly of bolted parts. This allows for a quicker construction and installation process.

Prefabrication and Configuration Adaptability Reduces Waste

The use of steel in stair design helps to reduce waste due to the integration of advanced 3D design models, ensuring minimal errors. This makes it easy to reconfigure steel elements to tailor your staircase design. The reduced weight also allows for additional extensions on existing staircases to simplify the remodeling process.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Steel is a lighter material than most of its counterparts (glass, wood, concrete, marble, etc.) but is still very strong. This allows for a reduced load on home foundations, which is beneficial for a modern stair remodel. While steel is lightweight, it seamlessly pairs with other materials due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.


Benefits of Using Steel for Your Modern Stair Design

Safety and Functionality

Steel is a fundamentally ductile material with high load retention, providing robustness that other materials lack. Additionally, while steel is lightweight, it is surprisingly durable, making it ideal to use for both indoor and outdoor modern stair design.

Value: Homeowners Receive a Higher ROI 

Since the use of steel can help quicken the construction process, there are usually lower labor costs associated compared to the use of other materials. Additionally, if you plan to sell your home in the future, a modern stair design with steel elements offers a stunning, contemporary décor that can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

Low Maintenance and Sustainable

Its weather resistance makes steel inherently rust- and fire-proof. As a result, steel staircases can last a lifetime with the proper care. With the easy swipe of a cloth, your steel staircase will shine, good as new.

Architectural Expression 

The versatility of steel enables homeowners to create the aesthetic and home décor vision of their dreams. When drafting your modern stair design using steel, share your design ideas with the expert builders, craftsmen, or designers at Artistic Stairs, and they will be able to make it happen. Etchings and other fine detailing allow you to tailor your modern home design to your exact specifications. Powder coatings and other finishes can also be used on steel to create your desired aesthetic.


Work With Artistic Stairs to Create Your Modern Stair Design

If you are looking to upgrade your staircase with a remodel or new build, the skilled team at Artistic Stairs can help make your vision become a reality.

Contact Artistic Stairs to schedule a consultation and discuss your modern stair design.