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29 Aug

Modern Stair Design: The Extraordinary Benefits of Steel Staircases

Steel has an exceptional combination of durability and aesthetic appeal that make it an ideal material to use for residential modern stair design. Due to its many benefits, the team at  Artistic Stairs recommends the use of steel for both new staircase construction and stair remodeling.


The Extraordinary Advantages of Using Steel in Staircase Design

Speed of Construction

All of the steelwork used in modern stair design is prefabricated. As a result, there is minimal onsite work besides onsite welding assembly of bolted parts. This allows for a quicker construction and installation process.

Prefabrication and Configuration Adaptability Reduces Waste

The use of steel in stair design helps to reduce waste due to the integration of advanced 3D design models, ensuring minimal errors. This makes it easy to reconfigure steel elements to tailor your staircase design. The reduced weight also allows for additional extensions on existing staircases to simplify the remodeling process.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Steel is a lighter material than most of its counterparts (glass, wood, concrete, marble, etc.) but is still very strong. This allows for a reduced load on home foundations, which is beneficial for a modern stair remodel. While steel is lightweight, it seamlessly pairs with other materials due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.


Benefits of Using Steel for Your Modern Stair Design

Safety and Functionality

Steel is a fundamentally ductile material with high load retention, providing robustness that other materials lack. Additionally, while steel is lightweight, it is surprisingly durable, making it ideal to use for both indoor and outdoor modern stair design.

Value: Homeowners Receive a Higher ROI 

Since the use of steel can help quicken the construction process, there are usually lower labor costs associated compared to the use of other materials. Additionally, if you plan to sell your home in the future, a modern stair design with steel elements offers a stunning, contemporary décor that can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

Low Maintenance and Sustainable

Its weather resistance makes steel inherently rust- and fire-proof. As a result, steel staircases can last a lifetime with the proper care. With the easy swipe of a cloth, your steel staircase will shine, good as new.

Architectural Expression 

The versatility of steel enables homeowners to create the aesthetic and home décor vision of their dreams. When drafting your modern stair design using steel, share your design ideas with the expert builders, craftsmen, or designers at Artistic Stairs, and they will be able to make it happen. Etchings and other fine detailing allow you to tailor your modern home design to your exact specifications. Powder coatings and other finishes can also be used on steel to create your desired aesthetic.


Work With Artistic Stairs to Create Your Modern Stair Design

If you are looking to upgrade your staircase with a remodel or new build, the skilled team at Artistic Stairs can help make your vision become a reality.

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