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5 Jul

The Benefits of Steel Stair Railings – Artistic Stairs

Are you seeking a way to elevate the look of your commercial or residential space? Consider incorporating steel stair railings into your remodel. By adding steel railings, you will enhance the safety, security, and aesthetic appeal of your build.

At Artistic Stairs, we specialize in creating beautiful stair designs that fit your unique needs and individual style. Discover the benefits of implementing steel railings in your commercial or residential remodel below.


The Importance of Steel Stair Railings

According to the National Association of Home Builders, 85% of home buyers ranked a staircase with a railing as an essential component of their home design.

Stair railings offer several benefits for both residential and commercial properties. They provide added safety and security when moving through the space, especially for families with young children or elderly individuals. Stair railings also offer a sturdy handhold, preventing falls and accidents that can occur on staircases.

Additionally, railings can be utilized to enhance the aesthetic of the staircase and the overall space, helping to increase the value of the property. Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, stair railings come in various designs and materials that will fit your specific needs and complement your build.


4 Benefits of Implementing Steel Railings into Your Remodel

Enhanced Safety and Security

Steel railings can provide an added safety element to your home or commercial space. They act as a barrier to prevent accidents and support those who may have trouble climbing stairs. At Artistic Stairs, we offer a range of railing options, from modern steel designs to classic wooden railings, to ensure the safety and security of your space without sacrificing style.

Increased Property Value

Investing in high-quality steel railings can increase the value of your property. Adding an elegant railing design to your stairs can make a significant impact on the overall appearance of your space. Our team of expert craftsmen offers a variety of custom designs that can complement any interior style to elevate your home or commercial space design.

Unmatched Durability and Longevity

The steel railings provided by Artistic Stairs are built to last. We use high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure that your railings withstand the test of time. With proper maintenance, the right railings can provide lasting durability and longevity to your commercial or residential space.

Improved Aesthetics

Steel staircase railings can serve as a beautiful focal point for any build. They can be designed to complement your existing decor or act as a statement piece to enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. We offer a range of materials and designs to ensure that your railings add beauty and value to your property.


Elevate Your Remodeling Project with Artistic Stairs’ Steel Railings

Incorporating steel railings into your commercial or residential remodel provides numerous benefits, from enhanced safety features to improved aesthetics to increased property value. At Artistic Stairs, we specialize in creating custom stair railings that fit your unique needs and style.

Ready to add beautiful and functional staircase railings to your residential or commercial space? Contact us today to schedule your consultation so you can enhance your commercial or residential remodel project.

2 Jun

Exterior Staircases Can Increase Your Home’s Value in 2023 and Beyond

Home improvement spending is continuously rising year after year. This includes renovations to or new builds for outdoor spaces such as exterior staircases and balconies. At this time in history, we are seeing homeowners primarily invest in making a house a home because of the large shift away from the office into home offices and living workspaces.

Functional, visually appealing exterior staircases or balcony railings can add protection for people of all ages with outdoor activities, connect your home to your outdoor space, and increase your home’s value.

Statistics on Home Improvement Spending

Every year NARI (National Association of Realtors® creates a Remodeling Impact Report, detailing studies found on home improvements and how happy homeowners are with theirs. Below is some takeaways from the 2022, (most recent) Remodeling Impact Report.

  • Over a third of homeowners felt the most important result of remodeling is a more functional living space.
  • Other homeowners attributed home remodels and renovations to durable and long-lasting results or added beauty and aesthetics.
  • Home improvements have led to a greater desire to be home due to an increased sense of joy and the feeling of accomplishment and smart investment.

Moreover, HomeLight, a realtor organization found that renovating your outdoor space is one of the top renovations to increase your home value in 2023 and beyond.

Don’t remodel or install an exterior staircase or balcony with the sole expectation of receiving an ROI or significantly raising the value of your home. Even though on average home renovations offer a 70% ROI, do not depend on this. Remodel the parts of your outdoor space that you think need it and will increase functionality. Be proud of what you are remodeling and do it to add substance to your space.


Best Improvements to Exterior Staircases for an ROI

The most important factor to take into consideration is to make quality improvements. Think about why you are remodeling and how you will feel about it 10 years from now. Color, style, material, and design should be carefully considered with the input of stair professionals and not just done on a whim.

  • Work with stair professionals to highlight the existing space you have. Even little square footage can appear larger with the right materials, colors, design, and lighting.
  • High-end finishings like brushed steel, cable, and glass can drastically improve the aesthetics of your exterior staircase or balcony and promote a luxurious, welcoming ambiance.
  • Add energy-saving lights to create an elegant clean design. Lighting can be added to any part of the staircase: balusters, handrails, stair risers, or treads. LED lighting can also keep costs low in the future for new homebuyers if you decide to sell.


Arizona Exterior Staircases by Artistic Stairs

Is your outdoor space your sanctuary, or do you want it to be? Make it better and more livable this year with an exterior staircase remodel or new build. Make your time outside happier and increase the value of your home. It’s time to invest in home projects that will give you and your guests high levels of enjoyment, gratification, and resale value.

Our builders specialize in steel staircase railings due to steel’s incredible durability and low maintenance, but we will design and install any pairings of materials you wish. Visit our offices in Phoenix or Tucson to get started on your exterior staircase remodel or new build. You can also contact the team at Artistic Stairs today online.

We are excited to be a part of your next home project.

28 Mar

Modern Stair Railings: Design Trends with Steel Elements

Stair railing design trends in staircase remodels and new stairway builds have been heavy with the mixing or pairing of different materials. Steel stair railings mixed with other metals, glass, or wood for the balusters and balustrades can result in an eye-catching contemporary staircase railing system.


Stair Railing Design Trends that are Not Going Away

Stair Railing Design Trend #1: Cable Balusters

Custom aluminum or stainless steel cable balusters are a preferred choice for homeowners who crave unhindered views indoors and out. Surprisingly durable and low maintenance, cable balusters offer a semi-obstructed backdrop for terraces, balconies, and vantage points in and around your home. Pair custom cable balusters with a steel stair handrail for an extra modern flair with clean lines. It can also be paired with a wooden handrail for a traditional touch.

Stair Railing Design Trend #2: Glass Panels (Glass Balustrades)

For completely unobstructed views, custom glass panels are the way to go. Made from tempered glass, also known as safety glass, it is four times stronger than regular glass. Our stair experts will make sure your panels comply with building codes, engineering standards, and safety requirements. Complemented with steel stair railings, newel posts, and other elements, this is a stair railing system that will be the talk of the town. Take elegance to a new level by showcasing the natural light and scopes of your home.

Stair Railing Design Trend #3: Tailored Lighting

Custom LED lighting on stair treads, balustrades, or handrails can highlight any staircase for added texture and dimension. Choose from a variety of intensities, lens types, and colors. Whether for an interior or exterior stairway, lighting offers increased safety, durability, and design appeal. Plus, LED lights are environmentally friendly. Imagine the value of a “green” lit staircase if you were to ever sell your home; it would be a wise investment.

Stair Railing Design Trend #4: Sustainability

Go green with an eco-conscious staircase. Handrails, balustrades, balusters, newel posts, and stair treads can all be made from environmentally friendly materials. For example, a steel railing system that is corrosion-resistant lasts a minimum of 30 years without needing to be replaced.

Specifically, you can ask to choose steel made from recycled materials. Similarly, invest in a powder coating that does not contain solvents that are damaging to the air, groundwater, or soil.

Homeowners looking to invest in eco-conscious spaces and appliances are growing rapidly, as more people are aware of how it affects the planet.


Artistic Stairs: Your Premier Source for a Staircase Remodel

Clients can choose to either completely tear down an old and outdated staircase and start from scratch or have a staircase railing remodeled. Our expert team will craft something unique to your home that will raise the bar in terms of functionality and beauty.

Contact Artistic Stairs today to get started on your staircase remodel or new build. We have offices in Phoenix and Tucson. We are excited and ready to design a stairway that will increase the value of your home and catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

28 Feb

The Advantages of Installing Metal Stair Railings – Artistic Stairs

A modern home design staircase trend that has stuck around (and doesn’t look like it’s diminishing any time soon) is a metal stair railings. There is not just one benefit or advantage to having steel staircase railings in your home. Previously found only in commercial buildings, steel has now gravitated into the homeowners’ realm for both interior and exterior stairway remodels and new builds.


Why Your Home Needs a Metal Railing (or a Few)

Simple Installation

Pre-assembled panels made in our state-of-the-art steel fabrication warehouse come in many sizes and configurations to meet a variety of rail heights and run lengths. We can custom-make any length and width you need. Plus, our easy and quick-to-install and pre-drilled steel handrails, spacer newels, and panel posts make remodeling your staircase a breeze. Say goodbye to remodels leaving your home full of sandpaper dust, caulk residue, glue bits, or spilled paint.

Indoor and Outdoor Appeal

Steel is a great look for both the inside and outside of homes. For interior and exterior railings and balusters, you can choose from a variety of ornamental steel tubing, powder-coated finishes, bespoke simplistic designs, paired with newels and more.  If a custom engraving is something you are interested in, this is a great addition to make your steel stair railing system even more customized.

Homeowners with an urban contemporary style design, open floor plan, a loft or a condo, have all expressed a desire for steel stairway elements. For example, a steel railing system can complement metal lighting elements, kitchen appliances, grills, balconies, pool decks, and more. Furthermore, steel is a good complement to furnishings with an industrial look.

Easy Maintenance

Steel railings, balusters, fittings, and newel posts only require a quick periodic cleaning done with very little effort. Compare that to cleaning and maintaining a wood railing. Wood that is not re-sanded and re-stained every few years will quickly rot and fall apart.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Steel elements are on the rise in homes across America. Many future home owners learning about the home trend in steel elements, and they want to have this in their future home. Without a doubt, a steel stair railing system and other steel elements increases the value of your home.

Metal Stair Railings are Exactly What Your Home Needs

We believe the style and popularity of steel stair railing systems will continue to grow in the decades to come. Metal finishes and full metal fixtures are two of the most popular home trends.

Are you ready to amplify your home with clean, linear lines and a simplistic design? Our stair experts will create a staircase remodel to remember by designing you a beautiful custom steel stair railing system. If you are looking to install a completely new staircase with steel elements, this can be done as well.

Is this for your foyer, outside pool or balcony area, or basement? Artistic Stairs has offices in Tucson and Phoenix. Get in touch with our team today by telling us a little bit about what you envision for your staircase remodel.

28 Dec

Beautiful Functional Exterior Railings Complete Any Outdoor Staircase

Exterior stairs can make an impressive statement on the outside of a home. Therefore, your quality outdoor staircase(s) deserve equally high-quality exterior railings, whether leading to a pool area, playground, trampoline, or gorgeous open property. If you are a frequent host or simply just want to wow your family (or yourself), exterior railings are a great remodeling project for your outdoor space.


Exterior Railing Choices

Pair your metal, wood, concrete, or other stair treads with a stunning array of exterior handrail (banister), baluster, and balustrade choices available in limitless finishes. Exterior railing systems can be designed with wood, hand-forged iron, tempered glass, stainless steel, cable rail, or other metals.

Wooden Baluster System (with Metal Elements)

Known for their versatility, wooden balusters can be customized with carvings, etchings, designs, and more. Think about all the possibilities with customized metal or wood newel posts in a variety of wood species. Mix tradition with modernity with metal balusters or go for a completely rustic look.

Cable Railing Balustrade and Wooden or Metal Handrails

Cable has become a popular, ultra-modern material to use in stair balustrade systems. Similar to glass, it has a semi-open concept that welcomes the flow of light and movement. Durable, trendy, and functional.

Glass Balustrade with Wooden or Metal Handrails and Elements

Tempered glass panels are popular for their clean modern look and open-concept design which showcases natural light and movement. Extremely low-maintenance and a great investment that increases the value of your home.

Wrought Iron Handrails and Balusters

Wrought iron is the king of metals known for its robustness, lavish aesthetic, and versatility. Have your wrought-iron exterior railings stretched, bent, or twisted to your liking. This metal will last a lifetime and add grandeur to your outside space.

Metal Baluster System (with Wooden Elements)

Mesh or laser-cut custom metal panels can be designed in any way you would prefer from a variety of ornamental metals. Create a bold contemporary style or a traditional simple one. Add wooden elements to add texture and depth.

Don’t see what you’re looking for above? Contact our expert team of designers and builders to discuss a custom design for your exterior railings or balustrade system today.


Exterior Railings from Artistic Stairs

Never skimp out on the quality of your exterior railings, balusters, or balustrade system. Let us help you set the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space day or night. We have unlimited capabilities when it comes to exterior railing design.

  • Innovative and comprehensive services through every stage from design to installation
  • Commitment for over 30 years to building the highest quality, custom residential exterior railing systems
  • Industry-leading design team with extensive capabilities for completely customized, one-of-a-kind exterior railings
  • Flawless wood and metal craftsmanship using state-of-the-art technology
  • Trusted reputation for meeting the high expectations of our clients, ensuring the staircase makes an impactful statement
  • In-depth knowledge of codes and regulations
  • Smooth construction process, perfect measurement, and installation

Request a quote now. Email a picture of your current staircase, inspirational photos, or simple line sketches showing your exterior staircase’s basic dimensions. Upon receipt of the railing system plan, a formal estimate will be prepared for your review and consideration. Conceptual drawings can be drawn to begin the process.

We can’t wait to get started on the remodeling of your outdoor space.